How To Reduce The Chance Of Teeth Staining During The Holidays

With so many holidays occurring in the last half of the year that involve eating a lot of food, a common concern is how these foods can potentially stain your teeth.  You shouldn't limit the foods that you are eating just because it could have an effect on how your smile looks, especially if you are going to be taking those family photos.  That's why you should follow these tips to reduce the chance of staining. 

Rinse With Peroxide After Eating Teeth Staining Foods

Many holiday dishes can often cause issues with teeth stains.  This includes that cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner or even that after dinner glass of red wine. If you want to limit the chance of staining, you can rinse out your mouth using a mixture of water and peroxide right after the meal.

When you dilute peroxide with water, it will have a gentle cleaning effect of breaking down any residue that was left behind after consuming those stain causing foods.  The peroxide will also have properties that act like a bleaching agent, which will remove stains underneath the film that has been removed.

To make this solution, simply mix 1 part peroxide with 2 parts water.  Swish the mixture in your mouth for approximately 1 minute, spit it out, and avoid consuming any other foods for about 30 minutes so that the peroxide can work its magic. 

If eating at another person's home, know that you can mix this solution into a travel bottle.  Take as much as you need to get you through your meals.

Eat Apples After Consuming Candy

Holidays are often filled with sweet and sugary candy.  This can include candy canes during Christmas or even that leftover Halloween candy. An easy trick to getting rid of the sugar left behind is to eat an apple afterwards.  Not only is it a healthy alternative to eating more candy, but the rough nature of the apple actually scrapes the sugar off the enamel on your teeth. 

Apples also have mild acid in them that help break down sticky film on your teeth.  Even after consuming the apple, the acids will continue to work at breaking down residue that is still on your teeth. Apples are easy to take with you on the go as well, so you can have them with you no matter where you are.

For more tips of combating teeth staining during the holiday meals, be sure to ask your dentist or visit a website like