Did You Know That Your Child’s Dental X-Rays Can Catch This Weird Condition?

When everything goes the way that it should, teeth come in naturally all on their own without external help from you or even a dentist. However, sometimes things don't go quite the right way. If your child is still of the age where they haven't had all of their adult teeth come in yet, then you should make sure they always get their dental X-rays. This is why.

Coming In Wrong

When new teeth move in, they push the old ones out of the way and pop up out of the gums without any problems. However, sometimes this process goes a bit awry.

There are times where, due to injury or simply genetics, a child's tooth comes in sideways or even upside down. This is a significant problem, as it can cause pain, but it also prevents your child's teeth from emerging properly.

What It Does

When your child's teeth can't emerge properly, that doesn't mean that they stop moving. Instead, the body continues to push them forward in whatever direction they're facing.

If your child's teeth are coming in sideways, this means that neighboring teeth will be pressed on and could end up becoming significantly crooked and overcrowded as a result.

When a tooth comes in upside down, there are two potential things that can go wrong. If it's in the lower jaw, a tooth going downwards can potentially hit the jaw bone, causing significant pain. If a tooth is upside down moving upwards in the upper jaw, it can start to penetrate soft tissues above the palate. Obviously, none of these conditions are a good thing to happen to your little one.

What Will Happen

If you get dental X-rays when you should for your child, this condition can be caught early on. Dental X-rays easily show how the teeth are aligned and when one isn't coming in properly your dentist will catch it.

If one is detected, typically the dentist will perform surgery to extract the tooth. Don't fret, though, as the tooth can be placed back where it belongs in a proper position. The tooth can survive outside of the body for a limited amount of time, so this can easily be accomplished.

If the neighboring teeth have already become crooked, then braces are your best bet to fix that.

Catching this condition early on with dental X-rays will ensure that your child doesn't go through needless pain and suffers from crooked teeth. Contact a pediatric dental clinic to learn more.