What Causes Cavities On Teeth?

When you visit your general dentist for a routine examination, you might discover that you have a cavity. Dentists look closely at a person's teeth to find cavities, as they know that they destroy teeth. Have you ever wondered what causes cavities to form? Have you wondered why you get them even though you brush your teeth? Here are several essential things to understand about cavities on your teeth. An Explanation of What a Cavity Is Read More 

What Sort Of Preparation Is Needed For Dental Veneers?

Is it difficult to get dental veneers? Not really. The most involved aspect of this form of cosmetic dentistry is preparing the surface of your teeth so that they're in the best condition to have the veneers bonded to them. This ensures the maximum possible longevity for the veneers. In limited cases, no preparation is required beyond the actual custom fabrication of the veneers. But what does the preparation process actually involve? Read More