Pain From An Abscessed Tooth: Why Timely Treatment Is Vital

Have you been experiencing a lot of pain out of one of your teeth lately? You may need to seek prompt treatment from a dentist, as the problem could be due to you having an abscessed tooth. In this article, find out why pain from an abscessed tooth is a dental emergency and how a dentist can treat it.

Why Should an Abscessed Tooth Be Treated in a Timely Manner?

An abscessed tooth can cause the type of pain that is not easily treated with over-the-counter pain medications. However, the pain is not the biggest concern you should be worried about. An abscess is usually caused by an infection developing at the root of a tooth. You can also develop an abscess anywhere between your tooth and gums, which causes a visible lump to form. The infection that caused the abscess can lead to deeper oral health problems if not treated in a timely manner.

If you fail to get an abscessed tooth treated, the infection can move further up into the jawbone area of your mouth. If your jawbones develop an infection, they will become weak and may not be able to support your teeth. You can end up with loose teeth or even a few missing if you leave an infected jawbone untreated.

What Type of Treatment is Necessary for an Abscessed Tooth?

Treating the infection from an abscess is the main concern. If you visit an emergency dentist, he or she can prescribe antibiotics to treat your infection. However, the only way to get rid of the abscess will be for you to undergo a procedure called a root canal. The reason a root canal is necessary is that the dentist will have to drain the abscess of the toxic pus that can inflame your body if it makes it into the bloodstream.

A root canal is performed by a dentist first drilling a hole in the enamel of your tooth down into the pulp chamber. He or she will then scrape out damaged pulp with dental tools. Damaged pulp is dead nerves and blood vessels. Your tooth can be filled or crowned after the root canal is complete. An abscessed tooth can also be extracted if you desire.

Don't try to avoid seeing a dentist when you have a toothache, as it can mean that you have an abscess. Make an appointment with experts like Salem Family & Cosmetic Dentistry so your dental problem can be treated before becoming more severe!