Wearing Dentures With Dental Implants: Why They Are Ideal

Are you to the point where you hate looking in the mirror because several of your teeth are gone? If you don't like the idea of wearing dentures out of fear that they will fall out, you may want to get the kind that is secured by dental implants. In this article, learn why you will be satisfied with wearing dentures if you get implants and how much you will have to pay for them.

What Makes Wearing Dentures Secured by Dental Implants Ideal?

Dentures with implants are ideal because you won't have to deal with them falling out or moving around when you least expect it. The dentures are realistic and secured by metal posts that will be permanently placed inside of your gums into the jawbones. The number of metal posts installed will depend on how many are needed for the dentures. The most unique thing about dentures that are made for implants is that they contain holes for attachment to the implants, but they still look like regular dentures.

You should be able to eat foods better when your dentures are attached to implants. As you are eating, your jawbones will also be stimulated to keep them in good shape. It is actually better to wear any type of denture than to leave empty spaces in your mouth that can lead to your teeth shifting and jawbones deteriorating. However, the dentures for dental implants are the most secure and will give you a peace of mind that they won't fall out in public.

Your dentures are also ideal for maintaining the shape of your face, as without teeth your face can develop a sunken look. You may find that your speech is better after wearing dentures as well.

How Affordable are Dentures Designed for Dental Implants?

If your dentures are a medical necessity, it is possible that your insurance company will cover up to half of the costs. You can expect to pay an estimate of $3,500 plus for two or more implants with dentures, and $7,000 plus if you want a full set of dentures with implants. The overall prices will depend on the type of additional work that is needed based on the condition of your teeth, gums and jawbones.

You can start taking pleasure in smiling when you are looking in the mirror or in the presence of other people. Simply visit a top dentist to get started with the denture and implant procedure!