Top 3 Reasons To Replace Your Missing Teeth

Have you lost one or more teeth in an accident? Are you wondering whether to ignore the situation or whether you want to go to the trouble of having dental implants or perhaps being fitted for a dental bridge? Although it can be tempting to leave your teeth alone if there is no pain, here are some reasons why you should consider bridges or implants:

Better appearance: Although you may not care one way or the other, other people may take notice of the fact that you lack a full mouth's worth of teeth. Undeserved though these thoughts may be, they might decide that you are dirty or careless. As a result, you may get passed over when it comes time to promotions or raises, simply because your appearance is less than perfect. Both implants and bridges will allow others to see you with all your teeth, eliminating one potential perceived deficiency on your part. This will help others to focus on your personality, rather than your looks.

Good affordability: If you've been avoiding having dental work done because of the potential costs involved, you should definitely reconsider.  It is true that some dental insurance plans may consider implants and bridges to be non-essential cosmetic dentistry, meaning that they won't cover any work done, but this isn't universally true. Instead of assuming that your insurance plan won't cover the work you want, make sure to call up and talk with one of your insurance representatives to find out if they will at least pay for some of the work. Even if they refuse to pay for the work, there may be other options available. Because bridges don't require surgery, they are often much less expensive than comparable dental implants. Your dentist, perhaps from a place like Dentistry For the Entire Family, may also offer financing options, allowing you to pay for your dental work over the course of several months and not all at once.

Better digestion: Lost teeth can make it more difficult to eat, meaning that you may not be chewing your food properly. As you're probably already aware, food that hasn't been chewed properly can be more difficult for your body to digest. Food that hasn't been chewed completely may also be a cause of acid reflux. If you get implants or bridges in your mouth, you'll once again be able to chew more normally and you'll no longer be forced to swallow half-chewed food, which could be uncomfortable and even cause you to choke.