Overgrown Gums: Is Cosmetic Treatment Your Only Option To Look Better?

If your overgrown gums make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance, you may consider having cosmetic treatment completed to improve your smile. Although cosmetic treatment can relax the muscles around your lips so that they cover your gummy smile, the treatment may not have an everlasting effect. You'll need to return to a specialist for periodic treatments to maintain the look. Dental laser gum treatment is a better, more effective way to get rid of your gummy smile. Here's what you should know about laser gum treatment and why it's a better option for you.

Is Regular Cosmetic Treatment the Only and Best Option for You?

Although regular cosmetic facial treatments can work, the treatments only freeze the skin around your mouth to eliminate your gummy smile. The treatments relax the deep muscles that move and control your lips so that they stretch out over your teeth. However, the chemicals used in them can cause many issues with your skin and muscles, such as redness and pain. If you have sensitive skin, the regular cosmetic injections can be difficult--and sometimes life-threatening--if you develop an allergic reaction to the chemicals. 

In additional, cosmetic facial treatments can be temporary, which means that you need to have regular injections to keep the look you want. You may also need to have injections placed in the skin and muscles of your forehead and cheekbones to maintain an even appearance throughout your face. These areas of the face tend to sag as you age.

It's a good idea that you see a dentist about laser gum treatment instead of getting regular injections in your face.

Why Is Laser Gum Treatment Better for You?

Laser gum treatment is a safe and advanced dental service used to remove or reshape excessive gum tissue without chemicals. The laser used in the treatment uses water or heat to cut away extra gum tissue around your gumline. A dentist can create a new gumline that reveals the crowns of your teeth. One of the biggest problems with excessive gum tissue is that it covers the healthy enamel of your teeth and exposes you to gum disease.

Bacteria and plaque can penetrate the spaces between your teeth crowns and gums. You develop inflammation and swelling in your gums that can quickly spread to the roots and connective tissues of your teeth. Once this happens, your teeth loosen up and wobble around in your mouth. 

Lasers destroys bacteria, removes diseased tissues and reduces your chances of getting severe periodontal disease. Additionally, you now have a chance to clean and protect your teeth crowns from decay, discoloration and other dental problems. If you're ready for a better way to improve your gummy smile, laser gum treatment just might be the option for you.

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