3 Signs That Your Wisdom Teeth Should Be Extracted

Are you trying to decide if getting your wisdom teeth removed is something that should be done? The best thing about wisdom teeth is that you don't need them, so getting them extracted is ideal if they are causing problems with your oral health. Find out in this article how you can determine if it is in your best interest to get wisdom teeth removed.

1. You Have Excessive Pain

When wisdom teeth begin to grow, they can cause pain that is difficult to cope with. If you find that you have to frequently take pain medication to cope with wisdom tooth pain, you will be better off by getting them extracted. It is likely that your wisdom teeth are in pain because they have grown in impacted. Basically, wisdom teeth are considered impacted when they are unable to fully erupt through the gums. The small amount of enamel that grew in can press against the gums and cause inflammation, which is what leads to so much pain.

2. Problems with Periodontal Disease

If you were treated for periodontal disease but developed it again, it is possible that wisdom teeth are the root of the problem. The reason wisdom teeth can contribute to periodontal disease is because they can be difficult to keep clean. No matter how much you brush your teeth, it is possible to miss the plaque that is on your wisdom teeth because of how they are positioned and their size. You don't want to deal with gum disease because although it easy to treat in the form of gingivitis, it can develop into periodontitis, which can eventually lead to jawbone loss. It is wise to get your wisdom teeth extracted if they are accumulating plaque and causing frequent gum infections.

3. Cysts Have Developed

A wisdom tooth that grows in the sac of a jawbone can cause a cyst to develop. Basically, the cyst forms when the sac becomes filled with fluid. Impacted wisdom teeth are a common reason for the cysts to develop. It is a good idea to get impacted teeth with cysts extracted because you can end up with damaged nerves. The cysts can also cause a lot of damage to your jawbones, which could eventually affect your teeth and lead to them falling out or becoming loose.

Make an appointment to get your wisdom teeth extracted as soon as possible if they are problematic. And for more information, talk with your dentist or a local clinic that specializes in dental extractions, like Renovo Endodontic Studio.