Why Veneers Are Better Than Bonding For Filling In A Gap

Do you avoid smiling because you cannot stand the big gap you have between your two front teeth? If so, have you considered visiting a cosmetic dentist to have this problem fixed? Dentists can fix gapped teeth in several ways, including veneers and bonding; however, dental veneers are the best option you have. When compared to other dental products, veneers are superior in looks and durability, and here are things you should know if you are considering fixing the gap you have in your teeth.

Do gaps pose problems?

A gap between your teeth can be embarrassing, and this is one of the main reasons people often choose to fix their gaps, but that is not the only problem. The other problem this poses is a risk of developing problems with your gums. If your gums are exposed from a gap, they can become infected or inflamed easier. Over time, this could lead to gum disease. If you are ready to fix this problem, you could begin by comparing your two main options—bonding and veneers.

Both can be used to adjust the shape of your teeth, and this is ideal for filling in a large gap between two teeth. In either case, the material is used to make the teeth by the gap wider, and this is what causes the gap to be filled in.

Why are veneers a better option?

Bonding is a process that involves placing a resin-like material on teeth to change their size, shape, color, or appearance. This method is cheaper than veneers; however, it does not tend to last as long. The material used can chip relatively easily compared to veneers, and bonding is also more prone to stains, because it is a porous material. If you drink coffee or red wine, the bonding on your teeth may not look very nice after just a few months.

Veneers, on the other hand, tend to last a very long time. They are made of porcelain in most cases, and porcelain is a very durable material. The downside to veneers is that they require two visits to the dentist. The first visit is designed to prepare the teeth and create molds for the veneers, and the second visit is used to cement them in place.

If living with a gap between your teeth is preventing you from smiling a lot, you can change this. To learn more about dental veneers or bonding, contact a cosmetic dentist in your area (like Aaron G Birch, DDS PC).