Warming Your Child Up For Their First Dental Visit

If you have ever worried about your child's reaction to visiting the dentist, there are some steps that you can take to help warm them up to the experience. Going to the dentist doesn't have to be scary, and avoiding this routine could run the risk of overlooking serious dental issues. Avoid dental pain and angst later by addressing this now.

Some ways to warm your child up to visiting the dentist are:

Take a tour ahead of time. It is recommended that you take your child to the dentist before their first birthday to ensure everything is coming in fine. Familiarize your child with the sights, sounds, and smells of the dentist's office before they actually come in for their examination. This will make the entire experience less frightening than if they have never visited this environment previously.

Make the experience more pleasant. Don't build-up the visit to the dentist too much; this could add to your child's stress and worry regarding the experience. Take along a book or toy for the child while they wait, and engage your child in an activity or outing as a means of rewarding them after. Make it a pleasant experience and your child may not mind visiting the dentist.

Remind kids to brush and floss. Help your child with oral hygiene so that they won't face painful circumstances when they do visit the dental provider. Kids often learn by modeling their parents' behavior, so make sure that you set an example by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly.

Talk to your provider. Talk to your provider ahead of time to determine what they will be doing and how long it should take. More extensive procedures, such as a filling, could warrant bringing the child back for shorter visits that the child may tolerate easier.

Look for a dentist with kid experience. You may be inclined to take your child to your own dentist, but it is a good idea to seek out a provider that specializes in pediatric dentistry. Ask your own provider for recommendations regarding dentists in your area.

Consider waiting outside the exam room. Typically, your dentist and the nurse will complete your child's dental exam. Consider sitting in the waiting room and let the dentist do their thing without you being present. This could make it easier for the dentist to get the examination done, without the child focusing on their parent.

Exposing your child to the dentist's office now may prevent tantrums, tears, and angst later on. The dentist's office shouldn't be a scary place, and maintaining good oral habits can make each appointment less stressful and more comfortable. Use these tips to warm your child up to their first dental visit! Click here for info on this subject.