2 Herbal Teas To Keep Your Child From Grinding Their Teeth While Suffering A Fractured Cusp

Tooth grinding is not the kind of habit that you want to have to deal with when your child is suffering from a fractured cusp. The habit can be destructive on its own but it can become an even bigger problem when your child already has a fracture. The constant pressure that their teeth apply to the crack will only lead to increased levels of pain as well as a potential infection. Therefore, it is important to get this bad habit under control as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are a few herbal teas that you can give your child in order to keep their tooth grinding at bay until their fracture is fixed.

Passion Flower Tea

Passion flowers are often found in gardens because of their bold and vibrant colors. Their length and shape make them difficult to overlook. In addition, passion flowers are widely sought after because of their relaxant properties. The herb is considered to be a natural relaxant and is often a staple ingredient in teas that are created to treat sleeplessness. A passion flower tea can help to relax the muscles in your child's body and prevent them from grinding their teeth while suffering from a fractured cusp. A simple passion flower tea can be created by adding a spoonful of the dried herb to a cup of hot water. Wait for the herb to steep for several minutes, then add lemon and your favorite sweetener. Instruct your child to drink the tea right before their bedtime.

Lavender Tea

There is a good chance that you have used lavender in order to add a relaxing scent to your bath products or to freshen up your home. While lavender smells good, the herb also contains anodyne properties. These properties allow it to calm and relax irritated areas throughout your body. The tea can be consumed when your child is experiencing a fracture to calm and soothe their body. You can purchase lavender tea bags at the store. Steep the tea bags in hot water and add honey to the tea for taste. Give the tea to your child to drink a few minutes before bed.

If your child has suffered from tooth grinding for a long period of time, then it is important to see a dentist. They can potentially cause more damage to their teeth once their fracture has been fixed. Until then, use these tips to keep your child's crack from worsening. Visit websites like http://northwestdental.com/ to learn more.