How to Look Your Best for Pilot Season & Impress the Casting Directors

If you are an actor and you are planing on heading out to Los Angeles for pilot season, it behooves you to look as good as possible. It's often not enough to study your sides and learn the lines backwards and forwards, sometimes the role might come down to which actor looks better in the audition. With that said, it's important to get ready to the upcoming pilot season this Spring.

You still have some time before you need to fly out to Las Angeles, so here's some ways you can improve your visual appeal to the casting directors.

Hire a Personal Trainer

Unless you are auditioning for the goofy best friend, you will need to be in shape. So, hit the gym and hire a personal trainer and let them help you get in shape. Personal trainers know lots of little tips and tricks to lose fat quickly without losing muscle.

If you are really out of shape, and don't think you can get into shape by casting season, then it's still a good idea to try and get a bit more fit because you will be running around to different auditions and will be really exhausted if you are out of shape. The exercise might not be able to transform your body in a few months, but it will help you feel better while your racing from one audition to another, and it's a good start on a new body for next years pilot season.

Spruce Up Your Hair, Nails, and Skin Tone

You need to make sure you have a nice haircut (both men and women), well groomed nails, and a good tan. So, right before you head out, schedule an appointment at a nice salon and get your hair styled and nails done. A tan is more of an important thing for guys. Plenty of female actresses can have creamy white skin, but male actors should opt for a tan if they are really pale (unless they have their heart set on the lead in that hot Vampire show ramping up for next year!)

Get Your Teeth Whitened

Of all the cosmetic changes you can might get (new hair cut, well done tanning sessions) nothing will be more important the a visit to a cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening. Think of the last time you saw someone on television who didn't have bright white teeth. Maybe an episode of Cops or some other reality show? Certainly not a studio made sitcom or drama (unless the character is a junkie criminal on a detective show).

White teeth are fairly standard for actors in Hollywood. If you show up with to an audition with stains on your teeth, it can be so distracting that they might just write you off without giving your audition a proper listen. So, if you're a cola, wine, or coffee/tea drinker, then you need to head to the dentist and get your teeth whitened. Resources like Carolina Forest Family Dentistry can help