Should You Get Porcelain Veneers?

If you have dental problems then you may have heard your dentist mention the possibility of porcelain veneers as a god option to correct the issues that you are dealing with. If you aren't yet familiar with porcelain veneers then you probably have tons of questions about them. You can get answers about veneers in this article:

How are veneers made?

Veneers are made to fit the separate teeth on a mold of your mouth. The mold gets sent to the dental lab and they will hand craft them to fit while making sure they are the color and shade specified by the dentist. Each veneer will be crafted to look like it belongs right aside your other teeth. Since each person has their own individual tooth shape this is something that's very important.

How are veneers attached to your teeth?

Your teeth will have been prepared by the dentist before the mold was made. Preparations include grinding them into the right size and shape. When they come in the dentist will clean your real teeth so the veneers aren't put on over dirt and food. Bonding will then be put on your teeth and the veneers will be pushed down into place and checked for a proper fit. Once they are all in place and have been checked over, your teeth and gums will be cleaned again.

How will it feel to have veneers on the teeth?

The first few days of having veneers will be the worst. Although you shouldn't experience much pain at all, if any, you will be left feeling like you have something foreign in your mouth. In fact, you may even find that you are constantly playing with the veneers with your tongue. The good news is that you will very quickly get used to having the veneers in your mouth and as soon as you do they will feel no different than what the rest of your teeth feel like.

How careful do you need to be with veneers?

You really need to treat your veneers the same way that you treat teeth. They can break and they can stain. So, this means you still need to follow those good dental care rules like brushing them, flossing them, using mouthwash, not using them to open bottles and protecting them when there is the chance of injuring them due to sports play or other activities.

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