Options To Make Your Smile Better When You Are Tired Of Crooked, Stained, Or Missing Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving your smile and giving you whiter, straighter teeth. Through a variety of methods, your dentist can replace missing teeth with natural-feeling replacements, or whiten your teeth better than any at-home remedy. If you have a smile that you aren't happy with, it's time to talk with your dentist about your choices.

Crooked teeth can be fixed with veneers, while any chips you may have can be repaired using bonding material. Your dentist knows how to give you a better looking smile, giving you the confidence you need to move boldly through the world. When you want improve your appearance by fixing your teeth, it's time to talk with your dentist about what can be done.

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Dental implant technology is an excellent way to replace teeth that are missing in your mouth. While dentists also use dental bridges or partial dentures to cover an area with teeth that are missing, implants have now allowed dentists to restore your smile one tooth at a time. A small titanium rod is placed into your jaw, which eventually fuses to your jaw and creates a solid attachment point for a synthetic crown. Once the rod and crown are together, this looks and feels like a natural looking tooth. You don't have to do anything special with your dental implant once it has healed, and you can expect your tooth to last permanently.

Cover Oddly Shaped Teeth Using Veneers

Veneers are very thin covers for your teeth that can be made out of porcelain or synthetic materials. When you make the decision to have veneers applied, it's important to remember that veneers are permanent. Your dentist will need to remove a thin layer of enamel from your teeth in order to attach the veneers to your teeth. When  your smile is improved using veneers, your teeth will be bright, white and straight. This is a dramatic way to improve your smile, and the results are instantaneous.

If you've tried at home whitening solutions, your dentist has more powerful options. Whether you need to replace one missing tooth, or you need a completely new set of teeth, your dentist will work with you on an answer. When you improve your smile, you will have more confidence in your appearance. If you are tired of a crooked smile or spaces in your mouth, it's time to met with your dentist today.