Need To Replace A Missing Tooth? Why An Implant Is The Best Replacement Option

Have you recently lost a tooth and do not how how you are going to replace it? A dental implant could be the best choice for you. Consider these three reasons why you should have the procedure done.

Implants Will Be Permanent

The number one reason to get a dental implant is because the implant itself could last your entire life. The titanium metal implanted into your jawbone won't wear down easily and is a non-reactive material. The position in the jaw bone will also be fixed, unless you undergo some type of trauma. The end result is a tooth that feels like your old natural tooth.

The restoration process with dental implants involves placing a crown on top of the titanium post. Consider using a crown that is made with porcelain since it will add to the longevity of the implant. Even if the dental crown is damaged at some point, the stability of the implant depends on the integration of the post and your jawbone, so you could just replace the crown and be on your way.

Implants Stimulate The Jawbone

There will be a problem if you lost a tooth and do not replace it with anything that stimulates the gums. That is because the jawbone is known to deteriorate in places where it doesn't get the stimulation it needs from a natural tooth.

A dental implant constantly stimulates the jaw bone, which helps the bone be healthy. This is because of cells that are created in the jawbone from stimulation. With a dental bridge, nothing stimulates the jawbone, which can cause the underlying gum material to shrink due to deterioration.

Implants Can Support Other Dental Procedures

An implant could end up being the anchor you need for other dental procedures. This is because bridges and partial dentures need something to attach to, such as that titanium post that has integrated into the jawbone.

You may not want to fill up your entire mouth with dental implants, but you can put implants in selective places for support. A dental bridge needs two healthy teeth so that a fake tooth can be placed between them. You could get away with using an implant to keep one side of a bridge in place. The same can be said for partial or full dentures, which can be held together using similar implants.

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