Cosmetic Dental Treatment Questions

Cosmetic dental issues can be a troubling problem to experience due to the self-confidence issues that they can cause. While there are many treatment options for cosmetic dental issues, patients that are in the early stages of deciding on an option for addressing their cosmetic issues will need to learn more about the available treatments.

Can Anything Be Done For A Tooth That Is Misshapen?

A tooth that has become misshapen can be one of the more obvious dental issues that you may experience. Unfortunately, patients that would benefit from having these issues treat will often fail to understand that these issues are often easily addressed. For example, a tooth may be sculpted using dental bonding. Also, it can be possible for the tooth to be capped with a crown that can closely mimic the look of a natural tooth so that your smile can be restored. The option that will be used on your tooth will vary depending on the extent of the damage to the tooth, which means you will need to have it evaluated by a dentist before you can know whether this is a suitable option.

Are There Tips For Keeping Your Teeth White?

Dental stains are a common issue that many people will struggle to avoid over the course of their lives. This is particularly true for individuals that have poor dental hygiene habits or that have a strong preference for pigment rich food. You will be able to help reduce the risk of your teeth becoming stained through making it a habit to thoroughly clean your teeth after eating pigment rich food as well as practicing sound hygiene. In the event that your teeth start to develop mild staining, you can correct this issue through professional whitening sessions that will be able to rapidly remove these stains and restore your smile.

Are Braces The Only Option For Straightening Teeth That Are Misaligned?

Teeth that are crooked or otherwise not aligned can be another issue that people will experience. Correcting the cosmetic and functional issue that this can create will often necessitate orthodontic treatment. While you may assume that these treatments will also involve the use of braces, there are many modern options that use clear retainers to gradually shift the teeth. Using retainer based treatments may be slightly longer than more traditional options, but it can avoid much of the embarrassment that comes with wearing extremely visible metal braces.