Why People Are Choosing Implants Over Alternative Options

When it comes to replacing a missing tooth, you have three main choices you could pick from. These include removable partial dentures, bridges, and dental implants. Many people choose dental implants over the other two options because they offer so many great benefits. Here are three main reasons you should consider choosing a dental implant over the other two options.

Alternative options are not as strong

A removable partial denture is not permanently secured in your mouth, as the name suggests. Instead, it is removable and contains an artificial tooth to replace the one you are missing. It also contains wires and other parts. You could easily lose it if you remove it from your mouth, and you could get food trapped in it while eating. It could also break if you eat the wrong foods.

A bridge is permanently placed in your mouth, yet it is not as strong as an implant due to its design. A bridge holds an artificial tooth in place by attaching it to crowns that are placed over other teeth. While it is not removable, it can break if you place too much pressure on it.

An implant is securely placed in your mouth by attaching to your jawbone. Because of this, it will not move or break, and implants can last for the rest of your life. Implants are the most durable option of all three.

Alternative options do not work as well

When you try to eat with a bridge or removable denture, you may find that you have problems with certain foods. Foods can get trapped in these devices, or you might not be able to put as much pressure on the artificial teeth as you can your normal teeth. Additionally, a removable partial denture can come loose often, and this could interfere with your speech and other things in life. An implant will not move, and you will not have any trouble speaking with it or eating all the foods you like.

Alternative options do not last as long

Removable partial dentures last for around 5 to 15 years, while dental bridges typically last around 10 years. A dental implant is a permanent solution for a missing tooth as it will last a lifetime if you care for it well.

If you would like to learn more about any of these options or the benefits of implants, contact a cosmetic dentist like those at Wallington Dental that offers dental implant services.