Veneers Can Be Effective For Fixing Translucent Teeth

One dental issue that some people can experience is translucent teeth. While the entire tooth won't be translucent, you may be aware of some degree of translucence along the edge of the tooth. This is especially true if you carefully assess your smile in the bathroom mirror. Other people may not be able to see the translucence in your teeth, but if this is something that bothers you about your smile, don't hesitate to bring it up at your next dental check-up. Your dentist will likely recommend the use of dental veneers to address this issue.

Identifying The Cause

You might be more concerned about the look of your translucent teeth than wondering why you're facing this issue, but your dentist will initially be more interested in the latter topic. While he or she will assure you that dental veneers will be the right procedure to fix this problem, the dentist will want to first understand why you're facing this change in the appearance and health of your teeth. There are a few reasons why this translucence might be apparent. One potential scenario is that you consume a highly acidic diet, which may be wearing the outer layer of enamel off some of your teeth.

Applying The Veneers

Dental veneers are effective for hiding all sorts of tooth issues, including those that have translucent edges. Your dentist will give you a brief overview of the process of having veneers made to fit your teeth, as well as what you can expect when you revisit the dental clinic at a later date to have the veneers placed on your teeth. If you don't yet have any experience with dental veneers, you'll appreciate knowing how this simple procedure can make a big difference in how your smile looks and can completely eliminate the visibility of the translucent issue that has been bothering you.

Discussing Future Care

Your dentist knows that getting dental veneers will help the visual issue of translucent teeth, but he or she will want you to adjust your diet or behavior so as to lessen the risk of other teeth eventually experiencing this same issue. If your dentist believes that a high-acid diet has contributed to the translucence, he or she will make some recommendations about what foods to eat only in moderation — citrus fruits, for example — as well as remind you of the importance of brushing your teeth shortly after consuming acidic foods.

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