How To Make Sure You And Your Child Are Ready For The First Dental Visit

Regardless of your age, heading to the dentist can cause all kinds of anxiety. For children, though, these feelings can be amplified, especially when it is the first dental visit of their life. Keep reading to learn what steps can be taken to ensure that both you and your child are ready for your child's first-ever visit to the family dentist.

Prepare for the Visit

To minimize the amount of stress at the office, you should consult with the office secretary and try to get any patient forms in advance so they can be filled out at home. You should also make a list of any questions that you may have so that you don't forget them while at the office. Also, don't forget to also make a list of any medications that your child takes on a regular basis, as this is something that the dentist will need to know.

Know What to Expect

It is 100-percent normal for your child to feel uneasy while at the dental office. You should not worry too much if your child seems a bit uncomfortable with the dentist. Throughout your visit, you will likely be able to let your child sit in your lap, which will help to comfort both you and your child. This also keeps your child steady while undergoing the examination. Provide positive and consistent affirmations to your child to keep them happy and calm throughout the exam, and your dentist will likely do the same. This will help your child feel more at ease throughout the process.

Listen to the Dentist

You will likely be a bundle of nerves, but it is important to take note of anything that the dentist tells you to do regarding your child's oral hygiene. This will include how your child's teeth should be brushed, how to teach your child to brush their teeth themselves, how to floss properly, and more. If you have any questions regarding any of this, make sure to ask them. If you end up forgetting something because of your stress, don't hesitate to contact the office later.

The best thing you can do to ensure that you and your child are properly prepared for your child's first visit to the dentist is to contact the dental office and schedule an appointment while also finding out if they have any specific tips of their own to help you prepare.