Do Dental Implants Look Natural?

Dental implants share many similarities to natural teeth. They integrate with the jawbone just as natural teeth do, and they promote jawbone growth just the same. But although they might function like natural teeth, do they look the same as natural teeth? The answer is yes. Once a dental implant has healed and the crown is in position, you shouldn't be able to tell it apart from your natural teeth.

The titanium posts are hidden below the gum line

The first stage of the dental implant process involves the placement of the titanium post. Because the post is metal, patients worry that it may be visible after placement. If there is sufficient gum tissue as well as space in the jawbone, the titanium post of a dental implant will not show above the gum line.

However, sometimes there isn't enough gum tissue to cover the entirety of the post. This might be because a patient has suffered from gum disease or has had some kind of trauma. In this case, the dentist will perform a gum graft. The tissue for a gum graft is usually taken from somewhere inside the patient's mouth, such as the roof of the mouth, and grafted onto the gum. As a result, even if a titanium post does show after placement, your dentist can simply place a gum graft to hide it.

The crowns are created based on your natural teeth

Patients also worry that the crown, which fits over the titanium post, will look unnatural and stand out when they smile. But there are several reasons why this shouldn't be the case after dental crown placement. First, to create a dental crown, the prosthodontist takes an impression of your teeth. This allows them to see their shape and size. They will also record the shade of your teeth. The prosthodontist will then send these measurements to a ceramist's lab. The ceramist can then use those measurements to create a dental crown that resembles your natural teeth.

Overall, the process will usually take about two weeks. Once the dentist places the crown over the titanium implant, that dental crown will then blend into your smile.

Whitening will help to achieve the correct shade

Once your dental crown is in place, you can whiten your teeth to make the shade of your natural teeth and your new dental crown match. Dental crowns don't whiten, so you'll be able to whiten your natural teeth with the help of a dentist until they match your dental crown.

Dental implants look just like natural teeth. If you are missing a tooth or have a badly damaged tooth, talk to your dentist about how a dental implant can replace that tooth.