Straightening Your Teeth With Orthodontic Treatments

Having straight teeth that are properly aligned is an important part of an attractive smile. Unfortunately, many people will have developmental issues with their teeth that can lead to them developing gaps or other alignment problems that could negatively impact the overall appearance of your smile. Orthodontic treatments are one option for alleviating these problems so that your smile can be as attractive as possible.

Assumption: It Is Always Necessary To Wear Braces For Years

Greatly overestimating the amount of time that will be needed to correct the patient's dental issue is a common mistake. Many people will be under the assumption that they will always have to wear their braces for multiple years to achieve the desired results. In reality, this varies greatly from one patient to another. For individuals that only have mild alignment or spacing problems, it may be possible to achieve substantial benefits from these treatments in a matter of months.

Assumption: Orthodontic Treatments Will Make It Embarrassing To Smile

One reason that can cause individuals to shy away from seeking orthodontic treatments is due to the belief that these treatments will make it embarrassing to smile while they are undergoing them. In reality, there are options that can make these treatments less obvious while a patient is undergoing them. Invisalign treatments are one of these options as this approach will involve the patient wearing clear retainers that are periodically adjusted. This can straighten the teeth while being extremely discrete when the individual smiles. They also have the advantage of being removed, which can be a useful option for taking pictures, making presentations or other important situations. If a patient's dental alignment issues are too severe to be corrected with these retainers, clear braces can be another option. These braces are made using special plastic that is extremely strong and durable while also blending into the rest of the mouth better.

Assumption: The Location Where The Braces Attach To Your Teeth Will Suffer Damage

Individuals often assume that the point where the braces attach to the teeth will suffer damage. This is not the case, however, because the adhesives that are used to bind the braces to the teeth are gentle enough to avoid damaging the enamel. Unfortunately, the braces can make it harder for a patient to brush their teeth, and those that are not particularly thorough during this process may be more prone to developing a cavity at some point.