3 Most Common Causes Of Toothache And How To Handle Them

Most people use painkillers to manage mild toothache. Unfortunately, painkillers offer a temporary solution and don't address the underlying problem. Often, toothache presents a sudden jolt of pain after biting into a bagel or eating something either too hot or too cold. Teeth ache for various reasons, and you might not be in a position to unearth the cause behind it. So the only way to go about it is by visiting a dental clinic for a diagnosis. Your dentist will use various diagnostic tools to get to the bottom of the issue. This article looks at instances when you may experience tooth pain and how to handle the situation. 

When a Tooth Has Decayed

Extensive tooth decay can lead to unbearable and endless toothache. Cavities result from years of poor oral hygiene. Usually, the plaque will form and coat your teeth when you eat foods containing sugar and starch but fail to clean your teeth. Over time, the bacteria eat away the enamel and move into the dentine and other inner layers. When you start experiencing the pain, the damage has reached the soft tissue at the tooth's center. To remedy this problem, the dentist drills a hole at the top of the tooth to access the decaying tissue. Then, they clean it out and sterilize the space. Next, they will use a filler on the gaping hole and make a crown to cover the top of the tooth so as to prevent further damage. 

When You Have a Swelling beside the Tooth

An abscess is another common dental health issue that causes tooth pain. You can develop tooth abscesses when the pulp chamber gets infected with bacteria. The bacterial infection leads to tooth root infection, swelling in the gums, a high degree of pain, and bone loss at the infection site. Though painkillers can manage the pain, you should visit an emergency dentist within the shortest time. The swelling can also reduce with antibacterial or antiseptic treatments. Remember that teeth abscess can cause systemic infections if not treated promptly.

When You Suffer an Injury or Trauma

Trauma to the face can cause your tooth to get fractured or chipped. In case of a severe injury, you'll experience excruciating pain accompanied by bleeding. You should seek emergency dental health care immediately after the accident. That way, your dentist will manage the pain and salvage the tooth from potential extraction. 

It is advisable to have the contacts of an emergency dentist at all times. It guarantees a quick resolution to your toothache, even in the dead of night. 

For more information, contact a local emergency dentist