How To Preserve Your Receding Gums Naturally And Effectively

A receding gum line is problematic for a variety of reasons. Not only is it a sign of something more serious, like gum disease, it also makes your mouth and teeth more susceptible to bacteria that will damage your gum tissue. Thankfully, there are several different natural solutions that you can make that will reserve your receding gums. Below is a list of the most natural and effective recipes that you can make with ingredients that you may already have awaiting in your kitchen. 

Rose Vinegar

Rose vinegar is great when reversing your receding gum line. Both apple cider vinegar and rose oil are natural antiseptics and astringents. When mixed together, you will have a powerful bacteria fighting concoction that will not only help your gums to heal, but will also remove the harmful bacteria that is causing your gums to recede.

To make rose vinegar, mix ten drops of rose oil into four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and and add it to eight ounces of warm water. After you mix these ingredients, use it as a mouth wash. This solution is safe enough to use as a mouthwash every morning. Within a week, you will see a noticeable difference in your gums. 

Fresh Sage

Sage leaves are recommended for the natural healing of a variety of small ailments. This is because sage is full of antioxidants. This plant is also a natural anti-inflammatory and has antimicrobial agents. Using sage on your gums will help the healing process and will protect your mouth and gums from further disease, like gingivitis.

To use this natural and effective method, boil a handful of fresh sage in water. Once it has cooled down and warm, rinse your mouth as if it were a mouthwash. You can also make sage tea and drink it two to three times a day.


Cloves are excellent for fighting harmful bacteria that grows in the mouth. Cloves are also a natural antimicrobial. They are also an anti-fungal and will stimulate growth of your gum tissues, which will help to repair and reverse receding gums. An added bonus to using cloves; if you teeth are decaying, this ingredient will actually help repair tooth damage and infections.

To use this powerful and natural disinfectant, boil three to five cloves in water and drink it like a tea at least twice a day. You can also use clove oil and massage it into your gum line once in the morning and once at night.

Receding gums not only makes your mouth and teeth more prone to infection and bacteria, but it is also the first sign of gum disease. Luckily, you can reverse your receding gums natural and effectively by using one of the ingredients listed above. 

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