3 Things To Know About Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is one of many forms of dentistry available, yet this is probably one of the most important types you could seek. If you want healthy teeth that last a lifetime, it is vital for you to care for them the proper way and address small problems as they arise. If you do this, you will have a healthier mouth. Here are three things to know about preventative dentistry that may help you realize just how important it is for your teeth. Read More 

Veneers Can Be Effective For Fixing Translucent Teeth

One dental issue that some people can experience is translucent teeth. While the entire tooth won't be translucent, you may be aware of some degree of translucence along the edge of the tooth. This is especially true if you carefully assess your smile in the bathroom mirror. Other people may not be able to see the translucence in your teeth, but if this is something that bothers you about your smile, don't hesitate to bring it up at your next dental check-up. Read More 

Where Did Your Dentist Go? When Your Dentist Relocates And Doesn’t Tell You

The problem with only needing to see your dentist every six months to a year is that a lot can change with your dentist during that time. Most dentists have the foresight to alert all of their patients to any major changes in the clinic, but sometimes things get so busy that dentists forget. If you schedule an appointment and show up to the dentist's office only to find that your dentist is not there anymore, here is what you can do. Read More 

Got Bad Breath? 3 Tips To Take Care Of It

Bad breath has the ability to reduce your self-esteem, which can make it incredibly hard to put yourself in situations where you can socialize with others. Luckily, bad breath can be a temporary thing as there are steps that you can take to maintain fresh breath. Here are three things that you can do on a daily basis to eliminate bad breath, ensuring that you have fresh breath throughout the day. Read More 

Important Things You Should Do After Dental Whitening

If you desire whiter teeth, then the safest option to remove staining and discoloration involves an in-office whitening treatment. Both general and cosmetic dentists can work with you to evaluate your teeth and come up with a treatment plan that ensures that your oral health is of the utmost importance. And, this means providing you with information on the types of things that should occur after the treatment is over. Keep reading to learn what they are. Read More