2 Herbal Teas To Keep Your Child From Grinding Their Teeth While Suffering A Fractured Cusp

Tooth grinding is not the kind of habit that you want to have to deal with when your child is suffering from a fractured cusp. The habit can be destructive on its own but it can become an even bigger problem when your child already has a fracture. The constant pressure that their teeth apply to the crack will only lead to increased levels of pain as well as a potential infection. Read More 

3 Reasons You May Experience More Dental Problems When You’re Older

Taking good care of your teeth is an important part of life at all ages, but it becomes even more important as you age. When you are older in age, you are more likely to experience problems with your teeth. Good oral care habits throughout an entire lifetime can reduce the risks of developing problems with your teeth, but you may still end up with problems when you are older, and here are three reasons this happens. Read More 

Common Orthodontic Questions You May Need Answered

The condition of your teeth is one of the most important factors in determining the appearance of your smile. Considering the prominence of your smile, it should be no surprise that issues with tooth positioning can be a major source of low self-esteem for many people. There are many questions that patients may need answered when it comes to correcting this problem. If this is the case for you, the following answers to common orthodontic questions may help you to be better prepared to make decisions about straightening your teeth. Read More 

Answering A Few Routine Dental Questions

Dental problems have the potential to cause extensive damage to your mouth and the appearance of your smile. Unfortunately, it is a common problem for individuals to be fairly uninformed about dental health care. If this is a health topic that you have not given much attention, you will likely benefit from having some frequently asked questions answered. How Can You Reduce The Risk That You Develop Gum Disease? Gum disease is one of the more common dental issues that can arise over the course of your life. Read More 

Why Your Hockey Team Should Have An Emergency Dentist On Staff

Hockey is known for being quite the violent sport, one which frequently results in bodily and facial injuries. Included in those injuries are dental losses and injuries to your gums. If your hockey team has more people sitting in the dental chair after every game than sitting in the team's box, you might want to consider having an emergency dentist on staff full-time. Here are some other very good reasons for having an emergency dentist on the team and present at every game. Read More