Chipped A Tooth? How To Cope

Even a small chip can be bad. While the chip might be barely noticeable, it can be just the beginning of further damage to the tooth. Read on to find out how bad a chip can be and what should be done about it. A Chip is More Than a Chip Your teeth are protected with a hard, strong, and long-lasting coating of enamel, making your teeth some of the hardest parts of your body. Read More 

Hazards Of Overlooking The Cavities In Your Child’s Primary Teeth

Undoubtedly, the emergence of your child's deciduous teeth can be incredibly exciting since this denotes a milestone in your baby's life. Nonetheless, after a while, the excitement wanes, and you might lose interest in caring for these primary teeth, more so since they are bound to fall out eventually. As such, some parents believe that seeking dental care for any damage to these milk teeth will be a waste of money, but this is grossly untrue. Read More 

Dental Crown Aftercare Advice

Dental crowns are cemented on top of your teeth and can treat many conditions, from large cavities to chipped teeth. These dental restorations look similar to your natural teeth, so nobody will notice you have had dental work. However, to keep your dental crowns in good shape, proper aftercare is critical. Here are a few tips for taking care of a dental crown. Limit Certain Foods Although dental crowns are durable, they can still suffer damage from certain foods. Read More 

Straightening Your Teeth With Orthodontic Treatments

Having straight teeth that are properly aligned is an important part of an attractive smile. Unfortunately, many people will have developmental issues with their teeth that can lead to them developing gaps or other alignment problems that could negatively impact the overall appearance of your smile. Orthodontic treatments are one option for alleviating these problems so that your smile can be as attractive as possible. Assumption: It Is Always Necessary To Wear Braces For Years Read More 

Are Dental Implants Harmful To Your Gums Or Mouth?

Dental implants are a very popular method of dental replacement, but like any medical procedure, it's normal to have concerns or questions that you want answered before signing up. If you've been nervous about the idea of having a permanent dental implant placed in your mouth and have wondered about whether it's really safe, then here's what you should know. Material First off, consider the implant itself. While different types of dental crowns may be mounted on top of an implant, the core peg that is inserted into your gums is always made out of the same material: titanium. Read More