Tips For Preventing Decay On Your Teeth

Preventing decay is one of the best things you can focus on when it comes to your daily oral care habits. Decay is your teeth's enemy, as it destroys and consumes the structure of your teeth. If you would like to prevent decay from forming on your teeth, here are some tips you may want to use. Learn how decay develops The first thing you should do is learn more about how decay actually develops on your teeth. Read More 

Ways To Avoid Tooth Decay

Dental decay occurs as acids within your oral cavity dissolve the minerals that comprise your tooth enamel. As the minerals are leached from the teeth, holes or cavities form. Nevertheless, avoiding tooth decay may be easier than you think. Good oral hygiene that includes regular brushing and flossing is imperative. However, there are additional measures that you can take to keep your teeth free of cavities. Here are a few of them. Read More 

Prosthodontic Tips For Avoiding Dental Appliance Failures

If you have dental appliances, then you already know how expensive they are to have manufactured and installed. Knowing how to properly care for and protect them is vital to avoid any additional bills at the prosthodontist's office. To this end, here are some prosthodontist-approved tips for avoiding unnecessary damage or failures of your dental appliances. Prosthodontic Tip: Create a Dental Health Routine and Stick to It Since your teeth already have issues with decay, it is very important you create a dental health routine and then stick to it—every single day. Read More 

Can You Use Tooth Whitening Products For Longer Than It’s Recommended To?

Tooth whitening products like whitening strips and gels can quickly and effectively whiten your teeth and make your whole smile look brighter. Many people consider wearing their whitening products than longer than it's recommended to, as they think that they can stretch their dollar or get results faster that way. If you're wondering if you can too, keep reading to find out the answer. The Problem Whitening products - regardless of the variety - typically include strict directions on how long, at maximum, you can use their products per usage. Read More 

3 Ways Aging Can Cause Ill-Fitting Bridges

When your dentist takes impressions or measurements of your mouth to ensure that your dental bridges will be made properly, it does not necessarily mean that you will not need to have them remade in the future. Certain health conditions can cause changes in the shape of your mouth and jaw. The normal aging process can also cause the size and shape of your mouth to change as well. This can cause ill-fitting dental bridges, which can raise your risk of developing friction sores inside your mouth. Read More